Crowns (also known as caps) are a dental restoration process in which a porcelain covering is placed over a tooth. Situations where crowns may be called for include aged fillings which have begun to deteriorate, as well as fractured, chipped or sensitive teeth. Crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes where teeth are malformed, slightly out of position, or discolored.

Today’s crowns are typically made of natural looking porcelain and are crafted to improve your overall smile and/or to blend in with your other teeth. In situations where additional strength or support is required, the porcelain crown can be reinforced with an underlying metal shell. Situations where a porcelain crown might require reinforcement are root canal procedures, bridges, and teeth which have fillings but have continued to deteriorate.

The general purposes of crowns are to strengthen and protect tooth structures and to improve the appearance of your smile. Depending on specific circumstances, crowns can be crafted from different combinations of materials including full porcelain crowns, the porcelain fused-to-metal crowns and the all-metal crown. Circumstances to be considered are teeth grinding, the strength of the underlying tooth, and aesthetics.

A crown procedure is a two step process with your first visit including preparation of the tooth for the permanent crown, the taking of an impression of the tooth and placement of a temporary crown over the prepared tooth. The temporary crown is removed on your second visit and replaced by the permanent crown which is fitted and adjusted for maximum comfort and then cemented into place. For more information on how a crown can strengthen your teeth and beautify your smile, call us today.