Our Dentists

Our Dentists


We thank you for allowing us to take care of your dental needs and look forward to serving you

Education & Preventative Care

Our doctors exceed the standard of continuing education. As a practice, we are true believers that preventative care and education are the keys to optimal dental health. We strive to provide “dental health care” vs. “disease care”. This means that your Total Wellness begins in your mouth. That’s why we focus on thorough exams, checking the overall health of your teeth and gums, performing oral cancer exams, and taking x-rays when necessary. We also know that routine cleanings, flossing, sealants, and fluoride are all helpful in preventing dental disease. Not only are we focused on the beauty of your smile, we’re also concerned about your health. A review of your medical history can help us stay informed of your overall health, any new medications, and any illnesses that may impact your dental health.

Graduates from Top Dental Schools

As your dental health professionals, we want you to be confident knowing that we are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians. We pride ourselves in providing the care you need to keep your smile healthy. To give you the best possible service and results, we are committed to continual education and learning. We attend dental lectures, meetings, and dental conventions to stay informed of new techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment that a modern dental office can utilize to provide state-of-the-art dental care.

Also, being members of various professional dental associations helps us to stay abreast of the changes and recommendations for our profession. Most of our dentists are graduates from NYU, UCSF, Stanford and Harvard with nearly 10 years of professional experience before joining Union Dental.
Our dentists are recruited from the best dental schools in the country and most of our dentists have advanced degrees in dental specialities. Union Dental is led by an NYU graduate and the Oral Surgery Department is head by a Harvard graduate. In order to maintain their license each dentist is required by law to obtain approximately 15-30 continuing education unites per year, provided in-house by their affiliated dental group.

Our Commitment to You

Our dentists spend more time caring for their patients and no time on administrative, marketing and financial aspects of the dental practice. This is why we are able to hire the best doctors from top schools who have nearly 10 years of experience before joining Union Dental.
Portrait Of Dentist And Dental Nurses In Surgery
On average, approximately 98% of patients would recommend us. We understand that a trusting relationship makes for good guarantees. This is why uur focus is to be better than what we were yesterday. We get it. We work for You!

We thank you for allowing us to take care of your dental needs and look forward to serving you.