As a preventative measure, dental x-rays play a critical role in helping us discover potential problems with your teeth, mouth, and jaw that are difficult or impossible to see during a regular checkup. We use x-rays to examine cavities, teeth which haven’t broken through the gums (like wisdom teeth), and bone loss. Dental x-rays provide a huge benefit by allowing us to define dental problems at their earliest stages. Early diagnosis can save money, prevent pain, and minimize actions needed to fix a problem.
dental x-ray
Dental X-rays have multiple uses including:

The discovery of problems prior to the arrival of symptoms such as pain and discomfort. Typical findings include cavities, damage to the structures which support teeth, and injuries such as fractures or breaks in the tooth root.

Finding teeth which are impacted. These are teeth which will break through the gum in the wrong location or are being impeded by other teeth.

Finding cysts, solid growths such as tumors, or abscesses. In these cases, x-rays can actually prove to be a life-saving measure.

Analyzing potential problems in children where permanent teeth are coming in while primary teeth are still present.

Providing advance intelligence on large or extensive cavities, potential root canal surgeries, the placement of dental implants, and difficult tooth extractions.

Providing advance planning on children’s teeth which are not coming in straight for orthodontic purposes.

Dental x-rays provide a huge value to our patients by allowing us to take action on problems before they get out of hand. For this reason, we recommend dental x-rays as a vital element in our preventative care regimen.