Studies show that active treatment combined with a strict maintenance program for patients with periodontal disease is highly effective with success rates of over 80%. Conversely, patients who are inconsistent in their periodontal disease treatments have a much higher rate of tooth loss than those who followed their treatment and maintenance schedules. Smoking also has a hindering effect on treatments, especially when the disease develops deep and consistent pockets in the gums.
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Once the presence of periodontal disease has been confirmed, treatments begin with the first objective being the arrest and stoppage of the disease’s progression. While treatments will vary depending on how far the disease has advanced, this is typically accomplished with the cleaning, scaling, and surgery to remove affected areas where necessary.

The secondary objective is to return the gums to a state of health where only maintenance is required. This is usually accomplished with continued cleaning and lower dosage antibiotics. These can either be in oral or topical forms.

In advanced cases of periodontal disease, further surgery may be required to restore the bone and gum structures which support the teeth.

Once the active treatment of periodontal disease is completed and the gums have returned to a healthy state, the maintenance phase begins with follow up visits to our office as well as home care. As stated above, vigilance in this area has very positive results while negligence can prove costly. If you have questions regarding our treatment regimen for periodontal disease, please call for a consultation today.